My IV rituxan day

My IV rituxan day


I had had a rough morning  my legs didn’t cooperate, I had a fall and I was running late. Since I was late we left late and of course we hit traffic

img_1538There is two ways to look at this kind of traffic 1) be thankful that someone else is driving and 2) look how pretty the clouds look

we got to the infusion place on time at 10;30. It’s a closed off room comfortable enough.img_1540

Blood was drawn and the IV of steroids have been started. This was different than last time because I had to wait for the blood to come back before they’d even start the steroids. The other new thing is wear the IV is. In all my time getting IV steroids or Tysabri through an IV I never had it here. Smart spot so I can use my arm and not bend the infusion site.


I’m actually happy to get the steroids, which is my most hated drug. I’m hoping for a little pick me up.

So next is the rituxan that is the one that takes time. Hopefully no allergic reactions this time. Nurse came to tell us lunch is served at 12 although I’m sending out my step dad for concierge lunch service. I’m going to come back an update the post through the day.  Hopefully good things on TV today. Last time I watched a marathon of love it or list it on HGTV.

Everything going good. Just extremely tired. Step dad was dosing off too. No allergic reactions so far and I’m now raised up to the maximum IV drip. It goes up every 45 minutes. I’m ready to go home now unfortunately I know I’ll end in perfect time for Friday night rush hour traffic. However then I could once again say 1) Thank god I’m not driving and 3) isn’t the sky pretty. Have a good weekend.

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