Heroes get back up

Heroes get back up


Ive been a Humpty Dumpty collector since I was a baby. I’ve had past blogs on my childhood friends. I still sleep with them at the age of almost 45 and I’m not embarrassed. They make me happy and give me a sense of security. After long days and tough battles I’ve stopped apologizing for the little things that put a smile on my face.

The picture above was a pin given to me when I was first diagnosed with MS.  How they found this I’ll never know but it always struck a cord with me. In the 18 years I’ve owned this pin I’ve never worn it for fear something might happen to it.  Obviously the first appeal was the Humpty Dumpty on the pin but the second was the message. Heroes get back up.  I was reading a beautiful article yesterday about these selfless people who have raised both money and awareness for Help Hope Live a MS group.  The first thing I thought of when I wrote a comment was these people are heroes. I think of the countless stories you read of people jumping on train tracks to save someone who fell or September 11, then I think of this pin.  How am I a hero? Why because I have a rough day and get up again the next day? Is that why I’m a hero? Then I think of my daughter. She writing her college essay and I just assumed it would be about her struggles. She was born with a progressive hearing loss and is now deaf in both ears with cochlear implants. With the implants she hears extremely well but life has been an uphill battle for her. Yesterday she told me she’s writing about both of our disabilities and how I’ve always have been the advocate and strength behind her while she’s been the strength behind me. It was such a nice thing and so true that it made me think of this pin.  No I’m not a hero that is going to be able to jump into a burning building and save everyone but I’m a hero to my daughter. She has and always will be the force that helps me get back up each day regardless how bad I may feel. She is my hero for the struggles and all of her accomplishments that she has dealt with and I’m her hero. I may not ever have a story published about me and there may never be one on her but she is why each day I get back up and I couldn’t be more proud to do it.

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