Forks over Knives Black-Eyed Pea BBQ Stew

Forks over Knives Black-Eyed Pea BBQ Stew

I tried out a new recipe so I thought I’d share it. I ended up putting this over a salad yesterday in place of dressing, it was actually very tasty. It’s very hard to find a no oil, vegan/plant-based dressing. They are mostly made with a vinegarbase which is very very acidic. This was a very nice alternative that was unexpected. This would also be really tasty over a baked potato or just plain.

Some recipe notes. If you’re using frozen rutabagas, watch how much water you use, I found I had a little too much water in the pan. Also I couldn’t find canned black-eyed pea’s and I didn’t feel like starting with dry, so I ended up using pink beans and it worked fine.

Black-Eyed Pea BBQ Stew


• pinch sea salt

• 1 cup rutabagas

• 2 stalks celery

• 1 carrot

• 2 15oz cans black-eyed peas

• ½ cup barbecue sauce

• 1 cup frozen green peas

• salt & pepper


• In a skillet with lid, simmer veggies with a pinch of sea salt and ½ cup water until just tender.

• Add the black-eyed peas and barbecue sauce to a pot and simmer, covered, for about five minutes.

• Add water as necessary if it starts to stick, and stir occasionally.

• Stir in green peas and season with sea salt and pepper as needed.

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