Daughter’s decision on college transfer

Daughter’s decision on college transfer

Wasn’t in the mood to get up this morning. My bladder on the other hand had other ideas. I have physical therapy anyway this morning. My daughter got home from her spring break vacation. She was up really early too. A rarity but it was nice to sit and talk to her. She is transferring colleges for next year. She applied to 5 New York State schools. We were hoping she’d get into 3 of the 5 knowing that she’d probably go to Farmingdale, praying that she got in. Turns out it was her first acceptance. Phew. However something crazy happened, she was also accepted to one of the top New York State schools Albany. This was one of the schools we said what the hell, why not. Even though it clearly said to transfer as a criminal justice major you need a minimum GPA of a 3.2 and she has only 1 semester of college with a GPA of 3.0. It is her second school acceptance.

On her mini break this week, part of her vacation was visiting her friend at her college. Her friend has the opposite of what my daughter’s dorm experience was. It is a typical college dorm. Lots of people. Noisy but fun. Common room where people hang out. Bars where college kids go. Friends in the same age group. I think it made he want that college life a little. Staying home going to Farmingdale won’t provide that. However it is a college campus with sororities and fraternities and activities she was missing at John Jay. Being accepted to Albany definitely through a wrench in what we thought was a set plan. We will see what her decision will ultimately be.

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