This is how we roll

This is how we roll

I’m doing Zumba this morning. I decided to do one of the longer programs which means I’d be sitting soon. I now sit on my big comfy chair, at the edge, because first I could see the doggy pad and keep an eye on what Zoey is doing, and second because I find my comfy chair has a little bounce so it helps me bop. I got tired fast doing Zumba so I sat after the third song, but my dogs didn’t like being ignored. They decided they were sitting with me while I exercised. When I got up I realized how much space they gave me.

That little corner Square was my allocated space so workout in. They didn’t mind the bopping or movements, they both happily slept the whole time.

Now that exercise is over, I took back my space on the chair and my dogs just readjusted themselves. They went right back to what they were doing

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