Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – OMS

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – OMS

I need to thank Jen from Tripping through Treacle’s http://trippingthroughtreacle.com/ Who reminded me of this.

If you haven’t followed my blog, for almost a year I became vegan. I did it for health reasons. I wanted to see if it made any difference in my multiple sclerosis. The real reason I ended up stopping is because for some reason I started putting on weight. I ended up joining weight watchers and at the time being vegan was very difficult to follow on the weight watchers plan. One of the things that was extremely beneficial to me being vegan was it help me with my stomach and mainly my bowel issues. Towards the end it wasn’t helping as much, probably because I found vegan cookies. As far as helping me feel better with the MS, I can’t say it helped but I certainly can’t say it hurt either. Anyway to condense the story even after I stop being vegan and joined weight watchers the weight still came on for some unknown reason.

The weight has finally leveled off although I’m now up between 6 to 8 pounds that I cannot seem to get off. I’ve been debating for a while going back to being vegan. Diet wise and lifestyle wise I do better with restrictions. Now my new medical issue is the swelling going on in my feet and calves and everything I’ve read about that is diet, diet, diet. It’s kind of made me push to go vegan even more so. I certainly don’t remember this problem when I was vegan. The question I was dealing with is how strict I was going to be. I’m not doing it for the social reason I’m doing it for health reasons. My family was like we can’t deal with going out with you again where you’re not eating fish at a restaurant. It was always a challenge eating out. I also didn’t know if I wanted to give up eating fish. Then I read Jen’s blog and it all came together.

OMS is a lifestyle change. It’s exercising, meditation, prescriptions, and a diet. I already made the five days of exercising, I already meditate for 30 minutes a day, I already have all the prescriptions from my doctor, and then it was the diet. The diet was exactly what I was looking for. It was a plant-based diet which basically is if you can diet except you can eat fish and egg whites. It is a low-fat diet so oil’s are excluded you were not allowed oil’s. Otherwise it is everything I’ve already been doing. No dairy which I haven’t brought back anyway except for my coffee which was never coming out and no other Woodland animal. Now instead of saying I’m vegan and pissing off the vegan world because I eat fish, I could say I follow the OMS lifestyle. It just put a label on everything I was trying to do. You could check the diet out right here. https://overcomingms.org/recovery-program/diet/

The lifestyle of OMS is here https://overcomingms.org/recovery-program/

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