The other side of the street

The other side of the street

It’s not always greener. It just may just appear that way. I was reading another person’s blog yesterday about a picture he took. He looks happy and was all smiles but the amount of energy and pain it took to get him to that place was a whole other story. See his post here

I have a friend who says the same thing. He got doesn’t go on Facebook or on social media because he’s tired of seeing everybody so happy. I laugh because what are they going to show you? How many people post sad pictures? How many people write, my children are spawns from the devil. How many people write my husband and I just had a huge fight he such a jerk. For as much information as we put on social media, we still only put up part of our story.

We are all guilty of taking and deleting selfies until we find the right one. I personally try not to post ugly pictures of myself. Why do we even post them? For likes, comments and compliments. People may post about the death of a family member or friend but I personally think that is to get the news out to a large group.

People normally post the happy things. That’s just how it goes. That doesn’t mean their life is better or worse than anyone else. You never know what is really going on. Don’t judge a book by its cover because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the street.

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