DoTerra Lifelong Vitality pack

DoTerra Lifelong Vitality pack

I’ve never been a believer in oils or vitamins but the results made me a believer. Every family should own the family essentials kit. It can replace most of your medicine cabinet. I can’t live without OnGuard and Oregano. I use it every time I feel like I’m getting sick or I’m near someone getting sick. With MS I take Ocrevus which wipes out my immune fighting B-cells. Other than a few days here and there I made it through the entire winter season without so much as a cold. My daughter who gets sick for months at a time was sick with colds for less than a week. I can’t say enough and that is just 2 of the oils. I can write for hours about the oils but not today.

Today it’s about the vitamins. I can admit to you I was never very good with vitamins. I’d by them and I wouldn’t take them. I’d be faithful to the biotin, vitamin D and the alpha lipoic acid for MS, but I had a hard time with other vitamins. Many vitamins made me sick. My stomach couldn’t take them. You ever take vitamins and your urine turns orange? Guess what it’s because your body can’t process the synthetic vitamin your ingesting. I found all this out when I started DoTerra.

I have MS and fatigue is a huge factor for many of us. I’d go to physical therapy and I’d be wiped out for the entire day. At night is when I take all my medicine including my sleeping pills. I’d fall asleep but would never stay asleep. All this changed when I started taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack. I still get tired, I’m not cured but I recover faster. I sleep at night sometimes 5-6 hours straight. The other night I slept through and didn’t even wake to use the bathroom. A small miracle in itself. I just feel better all over. Plus this is all a plant based product so your body absorbed ALL its nutrients. Your not leaving half of the chemicals in s toilet.

What is Lifelong Vitality Pack?


The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Program makes taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable. Our lifelong health and vitality depend on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some of these variables are beyond our complete control, breakthrough scientific research is revealing many ways we can influence—and even control—significant factors of aging and wellness. A long life full of vitality and healthy aging begins with providing your cells with essential nutrients and metabolic factors to help them perform optimally. Save $74.00 when you buy these three products together in this convenient pack!

Customize your kit by choosing up to three of the following products at significant savings (LRP Only):

Microplex VMz®

xEO Mega®


DigestZen TerraZyme®

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®

PB Assist®+

• Kid’s Kit

Primary Benefits

• General wellness and vitality

• Antioxidant and DNA protection

• Energy metabolism

• Bone health

• Immune function

• Stress management

• Cardiovascular health

• Healthy hair, skin, and nails

• Eye, brain, nervous system

• Liver function and digestive health

• Lung and respiratory health

• Gentle on stomach

• Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free

I customize my kit adding the PB assist to it which is the probiotic.

This is a non negotiable for those with a chronic illness in my DoTerra book. I’ve been taking these everyday since December and I have not taking my Provigil (anti-sleep) medicine since. I can save you money too so contact me.

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  1. I have been taking 5000 units of Vitamin D daily for years. I also take Nordic fish oil, high doses of magnesium and super biotin, in addition to the every day essential vitamins, and eat a ton of fruit and salad.

    If nothing else, I’m taking care of the other part of my body

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