Another afternoon in the ER

Another afternoon in the ER

I knew I should’ve gone to one of the urgent care is instead of going to my actual doctor. He was concerned that the bump/bruise I had on my knee not only had an infection, but the infection could’ve reached my knee joint. If that was the case I would’ve needed IV antibiotics and would’ve had to be in the hospital for a couple of days. From the office he sent me right to the ER. What started as a simple visit ended up being an all day extravaganza. No ER is quick. I had to get x-rays of my knee and blood work done. Then I had to be seen by the ortho people. They basically said that my blood levels aren’t at high enough for the kind of infection that would be present if there was it actually in my knee joint. Not to mention if the infection was in the joint I’d be in intense agony when my knee was bent. It hurt but intense agony I was not in. I came home 7 hours from when I left that morning on my quick visit to the doctor. I was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. The same thing I thought I needed when I started the day. However if I don’t start to feel better in a few days they might have to open the bump/bruise and drain the infection. I’d prefer that not happen. This fall was just a simple walker went forward and my feet didn’t move and down I went. The bump is actually just below my knee so I was lucky again this time. One day my luck will run out.

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  1. Yep. I work for an urgent care provider so I know the average wait at UC is less than an hour, while it’s 4+ hours at the ER. But what I don’t understand is…I guess, the doctor’s office didn’t have an X-ray machine and labs? This is pretty standard for urgent care clinics. Hope everything is well now.

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