A swollen calf, cellulitis, a fall and MS

A swollen calf, cellulitis, a fall and MS

I’d love to say my saga is over, but I have a very bad feeling it’s not. I’ve been on my antibiotics for two days and the pain, which i thought subsided slightly, has not and my calf has swelled up tremendously. That’s causing a lot of pain.

Something is very wrong!!!

I think I’m going to have to go back to the ER later. I know this is crazy but they’re coming to do my windows this morning and I have a food delivery I can’t cancel. I can’t even cancel the windows to the balcony. I figure they should all be done fairly early and I’ll go by the afternoon. I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka when she blew it up blue up like a blueberry. Except it’s only in one calf. It’s weird because you could see that my ankle where it’s thin and then all of a sudden I get really wide. What a mess!!! I was going to take a water pill today and see if that helps but I don’t think I should do that yet. I think I should get it checked out. My calf feels like I’m wearing a really tight sock all the way up to my knee that I just want to pull off. That’s not a normal feeling. Especially being on antibiotics for two days. More worry for my family ☹️☹️. All this from a fall because I have MS. My rollater went forward me feet went nowhere. However on a happy note I got my hair done yesterday and it looks great. For anyone curious of who the girl is your reading about, here I am.

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