Live from my hospital bed

Live from my hospital bed

So I ended up being admitted to the hospital. MS for 20 years and a little fall causes cellulitis and a skin infection and I ended up admitted. Last time I spent a night in a hospital was 19 years ago giving birth to my daughter. Same hospital I might add. I had a horrible night because of all the fluids they are pumping in my veins via IV caused me to need the bathroom often. Wouldn’t be terrible if I could walk unaided but I can’t. I had to get an aid in here every time I had to go which was hourly. She had to follow behind with the IV pole. My hospital bed has an alarm so I can’t get up without it going off. Learned that the hard way at 2am. I’d say my roommate hates me but her IV alarm was already going off for over an hour. I had spasms and twitches all night long because this injury is playing havoc on my symptoms. I just want to go home to my bed, my bathroom but mostly my dogs.

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