Still in hospital but doing better

Still in hospital but doing better

I slept last night. That makes a huge difference. I also got them to stop the saline drip that wasn’t necessary and truthfully was torture for an MS patient with bladder issues. I was peeing every 20-30 minutes yesterday. I took a second bladder urgency pill I am prescribed last night which helped me sleep and cut the bathroom trips down to every few hours. I also used a commode next to my bed. It just went smoother. The doctor who saw me yesterday changed my IV antibiotics and it feels better today. They are putting warm compresses on it trying to bring the infection to the surface to drain it. She will be in later to make the decision based on the look of the area as to when I can go home. The head of orthopedic just came in to once again verify it’s not in the knee joint and that the wound doesn’t need surgery. He agrees it will probably need to be drained of the pus inside. I must say he was extremely cute and his cologne is lingering in the air still. Nice thing to start off this AM with. Other than that. I’m doing OK. I miss my dogs and my bed. My family has been awesome as always. My friends supportive and wonderful and I couldn’t be mote grateful.

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