Jamie West Coast is on the East Coast

Jamie West Coast is on the East Coast

My little sister lives clear across the country. We have so much in common someone once said she’s Jamie West Coast and your Alyssa East Coast. That works for me. Today my sister is on the east coast with my niece and nephew. I don’t have all of my sisters together, since my older one is upstate, but 3 of us are. We all get along really well and I’m so excited.

She is here until Wednesday, I think. We are all having dinner tonight and she’ll be sleeping at my step sisters house. Tomorrow we are going to my aunts pool and my cousin will be there. Another nice day with family. Monday we will play by ear but Monday my daughter also comes home from Mexico. She’s been gone for a week and I’m excited to have her home. On a quick side note here, she’s been gone for a week and leaves for college in a month. Alyssa and the kids are sleeping here Tuesday.

Just a really nice couple of days with family especially with her because I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. Love my family. All my family but today goes out to my sisters. To my beautiful one upstate. I love you and miss you but I’ll see you in less than a month.

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