Peaceful and calm

Peaceful and calm

I have two favorite times of gazing at the water. One happens every day. That’s at night as the sun starts to set and the water changes to this dark bluish gray color. I just love the way it looks. Luckily I get to see it every day if I’m home at the right time. The other one doesn’t happen that often. You have to catch it at the right time and in the right conditions. It’s when there is no wind, no boats, and no movement at all. The water looks just like a mirror. This morning is one of those times.

I wish somehow I could take a picture and show it to you, but a picture is always still. I don’t think I can capture what I really see. It is like a gigantic mirror expanding miles but reflecting nothing. There are no clouds, trees, birds or mountains to mirror. It’s just is this calm and peaceful feeling when I gaze out. It is also the first time I’ve felt internally calm and peaceful in a while so I feel like the water is reflecting my own feeling. I only see the water like this early in the morning and only a few times. It’s rare for there to be no wind but today it is exactly what I needed to see. It is beautiful and serene.

Wishing everyone a happy peaceful Friday and weekend.

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