Sleeping with the television on

Sleeping with the television on

I slept almost 11 hours last night. If my daughter didn’t come into my room I may not of even got up. Each night I set a timer on my TV and fall asleep to a variety of shows. Usually I am watching, or I should say listening to, something I’ve seen a million times over. This was I know what happens. My favorites are Friends, Cheers and The Office. Lately I’ve been watching Will & Grace. The problem with that series is I don’t know it as well and I sometimes pay attention instead of falling asleep. I set this timer this throughout the night if I wake up. It helps me to not “think” when I go to bed. It’s a habit I started years ago when I was having boyfriend issues and now I can’t sleep without it. It’s a terrible habit but that’s how I sleep. I’ve tried to do sounds, no luck. Quiet I’ll lay there for hours. It’s the only thing that works for me. That’s how I sleep. When I’m away, I put on my iPad and headphones. Terrible….what’s your habits for sleeping?

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  1. I listen to the sounds at times square on my Chromebook from the live web cams on,which u ignored my suggestion to watch,I have 20 yrs of more Ms than you,these cams are soothing.

  2. I’m the same way haha. I love to have fan noise and then movies or footage that I’ve seen a million times, but with the sound off (so I’m not distracted or disturbed by sounds). So basically I fall asleep watching things I’ve seen before while listening to a fan or ac unit. I can’t do silence either… the ringing is too much.

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