Running on empty

Running on empty

Man I am beat. I am so tired and I’ve really done nothing but what I’ve done is enough to exhaust me. July has certainly has been a very tough month for me. It started out with my insurance changing to Medicare. Goodbye referrals!!! However, I also had many doctors appointments appointment scheduled because of it. Then I ended up with cellulitis at the beginning of July. July 9 actually was my first trip to the emergency room. I know the date because I had an appointment that day but I ended up canceling. That was a Monday and my whole week was consumed with my knee/leg. I was admitted to the hospital Wednesday and I got out of the hospital late that Friday night. My hdaughter, mom and step dad left for Mexico that Monday.

I made a promise to them when they left that I would take it easy and not do anything crazy, so I didn’t. However I was so knocked out from the hospital, the antibiotics that I took, and I was still fighting the cellulitis itself, taking it easy wasn’t an issue. I honestly didn’t feel good. I was also depressed. It’s took me two weeks to come back to myself.

Then I had a visit from my little sister and my niece and nephew from California. What a great visit that was. As much as I was so happy to spend time with my sister, what really made the visit amazing was my niece and nephew. This was the first time they really let me be with them and interact with them. It warmed my heart so much. They are about to turn 6 and 7 years old. It’s hard because they don’t see me often living clear across the country. This visit with them, and of course with my sister, was the most amazing couple of days.

Unfortunately my MS still limits my activity and even though my excursions were minimal, with this summer heat and my body still be weakened from the cellulitis, even the minimal takes it’s toll. Now I’m running on empty getting by on fumes. I still had to do the nursing assessment yesterday and this morning I have an appointment to get my car inspected and I’m done. I need a few days off now with no where to go and nothing to do. I need to stop. My body has had enough. It is time to listen to my body. I know this stage, I’ve been here before. I need to stop or I will have issues I do not want. This is when my body will remind me MS is still very much a major force. Don’t push it.

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