Parking spot saga continued

Parking spot saga continued

I was advised to send a letter to the building’s management company and board president. I simply asked them to reconsider NOT revoking my parking spot and I cited the law which governs my “reasonable accommodation”. I felt like I am back at my job again when they denied me from working from home. I had to draft a letter requesting the exact same thing, reconsider my request for “reasonable accommodation”. My work did make the allowance and I worked part time from home for a year before I went out on full disability. Here I am again requesting reasonable accommodations to park my car near to a door.

I have to say the lack of empathy of the residents in this building is quite astounding that I even have to make this request twice. It was the condo residents who put up such a fuss that the spots got revoked in the first place. I can’t answer why there were 5 spots given away. I can only speak for myself.

One of the building managers who was on my side was fired or quit, found that out yesterday. This morning the president of the board called to tell me that no matter what they’re going to make sure that I could have a spot somehow someway even if it means my car is valet. Yesterday on my voicemail somehow in either another conversation or by accident a message was left from him that said how’s your (insert bad word here). Where that terrible word was said on my voicemail I have to believe he was having another conversation and it wasn’t directed to me. He has always been so nice to deal with. This is the same gentleman that hit my daughters car when we moved in. Even this morning he was so sincere telling me how he’s completely on my side and about the absurdity of this building and people around him and he is doing everything for me and not to worry, I kind of think that maybe that word might’ve been made in conversation of something else. However I did keep the voicemail. I was told my reserved parking sign isn’t coming down

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  1. You should use your cell phone to record that disgusting message and play it at your next Condo meeting.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me?! I would be writing a letter to the association or whomever you can raise hell with. That guys needs to go, plain and simple! Not only is that disrespectful, but it is a human rights issue in my humble opinion. This is NOT ok!! I realize the issue is the actual parking spot, but now there is a whole other issue and if it were me and I had the energy to do so, I would NOT sit idly by while this bleep continues to abuse his power and abuse women in this way! Can I help? I’m so sorry this has happened to you!

    1. I amended the post because I’m really hoping he didn’t direct that at me bad was having another conversation. He told me he will not take down my sign.

  3. Sorry you’re having to go thrpugh all of this. Sounds like you might need help from legal representation; as well as the national media. Preserve that voicemail. Bullying is against the law, at ANY age!

    1. I amended the post because I’m really hoping it wasn’t directed to me and he was having another conversation. He’s always been nice and respectful to me.

  4. That ridiculous, pathetic, and childish. Not sure if you already have, but reaching out to a tough law firm could be a huge benefit to yourself, as well as other people who are dealing with the same issues with property management. It’s bad enough to deny someone a reasonable accommodation, but to then insult a disabled person is insane. I’d definitely provide all of this info to a law firm.

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