Housing help for those with Multiple Sclerosis

Housing help for those with Multiple Sclerosis

To recap my situation, I had asked my condo for a permanent parking spot close to the main door. This was because it was the only door I could enter that didn’t have steps, which I can’t do, and wasn’t too far for me to walk. It was granted. Then due to other condo residents requesting the same thing, they gave 5 other people spots. The non-disabled residents had an uproar. Now they voted to revoke ALL the reserved spots. I needed to get help because I knew it wasn’t right in my case with MS and being disabled.

I’m going to start at the top of my list for people I called yesterday looking for help. This is unfortunately not only specific to the States but will get specific to my State and then my region.

  1. American with Disabilities Act. https://www.ada.gov/ 800-514-0301. I was able to get a person on the phone and explain my parking situation. They couldn’t help though and handed me to my next call.
  2. Housing and Urban Development https://www.hud.gov/. I was given the number to my specific state and county to which I could file a complaint or leave a message. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone to find out my rights. Back at square one
  3. National Multiple Sclerosis Society https://www.nationalmssociety.org/ 800-344-4867. All chronic illness have some type of support and the society has been a huge help to me in the past so I though I’d try again. Sure enough they gave me two different groups.
  4. National Disability Rights Network. New York State http://www.drny.org/ 518-432-7861. I never talked to the intake person. I left a message. I believe they have this in almost every state so you could contact them for information and they could direct you.
  5. Long Island Center For Independent Living 516-796-0144. I hope everyone has a society like this. I was put in touch with the Director of Housing who finally gave me some help. I forwarded to him my initial email request for the parking spot as well as my doctors note with the medical reason why. He is now part of my case but also had me make another call.
  6. Long Island Fair Housing Services https://www.lifairhousing.org/contact/staff-contacts/ 631-567-5111. I spoke to the main lawyer who had me submit the emails to the lead investigator who wasn’t in on a Monday but will be returning my call today.
  • The gentleman from the Center for Independent Living said the only issue in my original request was the two words “reasonable accommodation”was no where in my document. Just like when I needed to work from home my last year before I ended up on full disability those two words are extremely important. We drafted a second letter requesting the board to reconsider my spot with those two little words in it and a written response of yes or no. We are just waiting to hear if the lead investigator wants me to submit it. All this took hours yesterday but I hope it can help someone.
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    1. Good for you Jamie for being patient enough to jump through all those hoops. Hope u get what u rightfully deserve.

    2. OMG hope you get a positive answer after all this ! Maybe you can submit your phone bill also ? Do they ever consider this and your time …. .. Xx

    3. Hello my name is Michelle I have MS and I am totally alone I need help my telephone number is 202-200-0525

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