Have you watched anything good?

Have you watched anything good?

I watch a lot of TV. I’m home a lot. I’ve seen most things but sometimes something surprises me, like Curse of Oak Island on History. It is in season 6 now but you can catch up on Hulu. It’s treasure hunting with millions of dollars in resources. I got sucked in praying they’d find something good each episode. I won’t spoil things but I found this show interesting, exciting, and fun. I just stumbled on this so it was a good find.

My other recent favorite has been The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. I started this a long time ago and never got anywhere with it. When I finally watched it I was hooked. These people are amateurs, how do they bake like that? I found this show just light and fun. I’m sorry I finished it because I didn’t want it to end. It starts with 12 bakers and each week someone gets eliminated. It is all types of baking too not just desserts. I just loved it.

Now I’m kind of browsing for my next favorite show I haven’t seen. Any suggestions?

I just found an Australia, Canada and even an America bake off. Yippee ?

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  1. We love The Curse of Oak Island! A fun story for you…….we have an old family friend who is from Nova Scotia and has written a book about Oak Island and his theory about the treasure. He knew about the treasure long before the show came upand has been a guest on the show to share some of his theory, which he has done and they are renegotiating to have him back on the island this season again! It’s pretty exciting stuff!

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