Boomer is back

Boomer is back

This was the best present. I am so happy I did this. I hugged the picture for a little before I would even put it down. I missed my dog. He was the first dog I ever owned and he was a great dog. I was going to make a wall of dogs in my bedroom but I ended up hanging him in my living room. It’s where I spend the most time and I could appreciate the painting more. Plus it looks so nice.

I love the way this picture came out. I can’t say enough great things about Portrait Flip. They did such a phenomenal job on this picture i couldn’t be happier. If you ever have the same desire to memorialize a picture into a painting I highly recommend them.

Boomer was my first dog and my first dog I lost. As much as I want another English Bulldog, I think the breed is to big for me with multiple sclerosis. My little French bulldogs are more suitable for condo life and for being indoor potty trained. There would never be another Boomer anyway. He was loved by many but mostly by me.

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