A bad dream

A bad dream

I had a vivid dream last night. I was in a board room fighting because a new law was now in existence. This new law gave the right of the insurance companies to stop treatment of a patient if they felt it wasn’t producing significant improvements. Pretty damn vivid memory of a dream if you ask me. Can you imagine that? How would significant improvement even be defined? That wasn’t what I was in the room arguing about or to whom. I was arguing to our very own President Donald Trump for allowing such a terrible, unfair law to exist.

I woke up annoyed. Annoyed because anything can happen with this President. Annoyed because I was genuinely afraid of my pre-existing condition. I am always worried one day insurance will go back to what it was. There was a time when a pre-existing condition wasn’t covered. Not a good thought for someone with a chronic illness. Not a good thought for anyone caring for someone with a chronic illness. Truthfully it shouldn’t be a good thought to anyone with a heart.

I never go into politics on my blog because I’m not versed enough in it. I believe what I believe. My dream which was,just that, a dream, just sat with me on my mind when I woke.

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