Still intermittent fasting 7 months later

Still intermittent fasting 7 months later

I am still doing this all these months later. I now eat between the hours of 11-7. I also don’t usually drink my coffee until 11 as well. The truth is I haven’t lost weight from this but I haven’t gained weight either. I have to agree with the doctors that losing weight when you lose mobility is very difficult. I sit most of the time so I don’t burn as many calories as the average person. I do try to exercise 5 times a week by swimming or chair Zumba but I’m not burning a large amount of calories. Intermittent fasting helps keep me to a limited window of time to eat. It also closes the window to stop snacking.

I don’t even think about it really because I was never a big breakfast eater. I was a big night time snacker. I find that even more so now I eat dinner and sometimes don’t eat anything after that. I also eat much earlier than I use to. I have dinner at around 5pm. I feed my dogs around the same time. If I have a snack it might be at 6 and I’ve stopped eating way before that 7 mark. I go into bed before 10 and that’s my night. It just works easy for me.

There are many ways to do intermittent fasting but this is what works for me. Here is a good 101 class I know many people do it and love it. I am one of those people.

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