Spiritual session Saturday #1

Spiritual session Saturday #1

I thought I’d start sharing with you each week some of my spiritual lessons that I’ve learned during the week as a review on Saturday. Maybe somebody out there would find this helpful or could understand it. Maybe somebody out there had a question or comment or wanted to know more.

This week my big lesson was I was trying to control a situation.

Anytime you’re trying to control an outcome of the situation, spiritually, that’s your ego. That’s something fear driven that is causing you to react instead of having faith. That’s what spirituality is, it’s faith. For me, spirituality I believe in love and the universe and the energy around me. Many people believe in God. Doesn’t matter what your faith is, it’s that quiet inner voice, that gut intuition, that guide that we all have but some choose not to listen. The ego is the loud voice fear based that we hear and react to first if we haven’t learned to tune it out.

I’ve been trying to get funding to purchase a handicap vehicle. I did a Facebook fundraiser and I was able to collect over $15,000 in donations. I cannot express the gratitude that I felt from all these people that donated to me. It was almost overwhelming at times. In the middle of all this I was writing to the MS foundations that were also helping me. The woman told me that she was waiting for a phone call back and as soon as she hears anything she’d let me know. I didn’t hear from her for about a week and instead of just waiting I again wrote an email asking for at least a matching donation. I was trying to control how much this foundation was giving me for a donation. For all I know they might be giving me more but I’m trying to control the situation. I also know full well I can’t buy the vehicle yet so knowing the answer means nothing at this point. I have to wait for another possible fund opportunity that opens up in January as well as my car lease isn’t over for 6 months. It was a fear based question that I won’t have enough. It was my ego taking over. I once again had to surrender the outcome to the universe and have faith that I AM GETTING THIS VAN. The how will fall into place. That is the faith.

Sometimes we let the ego come in and take over. I know full well this woman would write me back. She always writes me back. I didn’t need to write that email asking for a matching donation, I was scared. That’s the bottom line. However, I realized my mistake. I realized what I did, spiritually. I corrected my mistake by surrendering the outcome to the universe (or God or Buddha whatever you believe). I still have not heard back which is ok. I trust the outcome. Hope this helps someone out there. Please leave any comments or questions. I’d love to hear how the ego has driven you this week?

Have a great weekend

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