Spiritual session Saturday-my thoughts create the world I see

Spiritual session Saturday-my thoughts create the world I see

I am currently on lesson 167 of 365 in A Course of Miracles as well as on lesson number 26. How? Well when I finish my year I started over but my life coach also started teaching the lessons on her instagram feed. https://instagram.com/alyssalucyy?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=ly9gykpejic4

She is unbelievable at simplifying each lesson and she teaches me every time I listen to her.

The other day was less than 23, I do not perceive my own best interest. It wasn’t that I never understood this lesson, but her simplification just made me understand it on such a better level that I just wanted to share it.

Basically our thoughts create the world we see. Not the world, just the way we see the world. However our thoughts are often misconstrued because in our thoughts are judgments based on emotion, fear and past experience. In our thoughts are also other peoples thoughts about how they perceive things. Therefore when we view something or a situation, we aren’t necessarily seeing the truth. We’re seeing it with certain blinders based on what we know. Those blinders, many times, don’t let us view things as they really are without judgement. Therefore it makes it impossible for us to perceive our own best interest because we don’t see anything truthfully.

A course in miracles is a yearly practices to change your thoughts and to see things differently. If you don’t want to do something like that, your first step is to realize that there are other ways to look at things. That in itself is a tremendous eye-opener. Just food for thought this Saturday. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Have a lovely weekend.

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