Monday madness

Monday madness

First time back in physical therapy today. I should get double activity points on my Fitbit from this and it registers as nothing. I was there for almost 90 minutes and it’s all exercise that it so difficult to do. I mean I’m struggling doing leg lifts with a 2lb weight on my ankle. My sit to stands needed assistance from the therapist so I could either get up from the chair or not fall over once I’m standing. Then my simple hip slides weren’t so simple. I mean by the time I get home I’m wiped out for the day.

Yet that was only one aspect of my Monday. My elevator nearest to my condo is broken once again. This morning I decided to go down the steps since my scooter was in my car. The walk to the other elevator would have been almost as long. Plus I’m better going down stairs than up. Still not my best move but ok. Coming home I had to once again take my scooter into the building to use the other elevators. I don’t know how long my elevator will be down for but it seems to happen often

I’m on day 3 of a headache. I’m so use to these headaches that last for days I’ve been suffering from these migraines for many years. Doesn’t make them less annoying. I just took my migraine medicine to finally knock it out or I should say hopefully knock it out.

On a brighter note I am done with my activities and it is 12:30. I have the option to relax now maybe watch tv or Netflix.

Happy Monday

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