Was it something I ate?

Was it something I ate?

I was so sick last night, still am. I was up from 2am-5am sick in the bathroom and I’m going to spare you the details. I must laugh at my poor little Zoey, she was so out of sorts with me not in the bed. She kept getting up to see where I was. I think she’ll be napping soon. I think I’ll be sleeping soon. My tummy hurts.

My aid’s son had a stomach virus last week which is why she wasn’t here but she was fine. I don’t think I got a virus. I did eat something on Saturday night that was a little rich and very non-vegan/plant-based. I had a hamburger from this amazing hamburger place by me. It was made with their signature peanut butter and jelly on a Texas toast. It was so good. Worth the calories and the non-vegan/plant based eating. I don’t know if that really could have caused the problem because I’ve had this hamburger before and have been fine. I also haven’t been eating this way for that long. ??‍♀️

Whatever caused my evening of misery didn’t leave at the evening mark. I am still sick but luckily now my aid is here to help me. Ugh!!!! That’s all I could say.

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