Spiritual Session Saturday-Being Happy

Spiritual Session Saturday-Being Happy

This week is about being happy in the place you are in today. I wrote a blog this week entitled my life today. https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/01/29/my-life-today/. When I’m writing a blog sometimes I don’t know exactly where my blog is going, the words just flow themselves. This was one of those blogs. I had a comment on the blog from someone that simply said “This blog brought me joy”. My reply was, “me too”.

When I was writing the blog about my life today I realized something very simple,

I’m happy!!

I have a chronic disease and my life has difficulties but I’m happy. I just let those words and feelings wash over me. It is so easy to get caught up in everything that is wrong in your life that you forget to look at all the things that are right. This week I encourage you to focus on all the things that are good in your life even if it is only for 5 minutes each morning. Start training your thoughts to see the good.

Life is supposed to be a happy journey despite the obstacles we face along the way. I fight my multiple sclerosis daily but it doesn’t stop me from being happy. Find your happy.

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