An unexpected package

An unexpected package

I get a lot of packages because I order everything online. Yet, I’m pretty aware of what is coming and when. My security booth gets all packages for the building and sends out an email when a package is delivered. Usually the guard will give any packages to my aid when she comes in otherwise I grab them when I come back from being out. The other day I got an email I had a package which was for some t-shirts I ordered. I was given two packages, one I wasn’t expecting. I looked at the return label and it was from a company I never heard from.

On a side note. A few weeks ago I got an email from my old landlord saying I had a package at the apartment. My daughter picked it up for me. It was in an amazon box but I wasn’t expecting anything from amazon and I certainly didn’t have anything going to my old address. In the box was Hawaiian stuff like leis and a door hanging that you would put up for party decorations. Very odd. I was on some media list to enroll in to receive free crap.

When this unexpected package came I thought it might be the same thing a box of crap lol. I was so wrong and received the most amazing gift from my greatest friend in Canada Hindi.

I’ve known this beautiful lady since I was 15 years old. We met in summer camp and remained friends all these years. We remained friends before there was cellphones and the internet people that’s freaking HUGE.

When I opened the box I found the cutest French bulldog bank. I immediately put it on my cabinet that holds my most treasured figures: my grandmothers lladro birds, her apple and my mother’s painted vase.

Meet M’Greggor M’Gillicuddy Whiskey Brown

She made my day and I love you Hindi for thinking of me. I will cherish this forever ❤️❤️❤️.

FYI the name is part a dog we use to have and part a nickname of mine plus a name of one of Hindi’s dogs she always said with a flair. It added the importance I think he deserved.

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