I’m getting hot

I’m getting hot

It’s getting hot outside. The summer is coming and my hibernation will begin. Most people can’t wait for the nice weather and the glorious heat of the summer, I’m not that person. I have multiple sclerosis and I am heat intolerant.

Heat or high humidity can make many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms. Doctors believe that this occurs because heat causes nerves (whose myelin covering has been destroyed from MS) to conduct electrical signals even less efficiently. Most people with MS avoid hot baths, hot showers, and heated swimming pools. https://www.webmd.com/multiple-sclerosis/impact-temperature

I use to joke with my daughter about moving myself to Alaska. My little sister lives in San Francisco which has perfect weather for me never to hot or cold high’s in the 70’s. The problem is it is the most expensive place to live. Not that I’m moving to either place, my life is in New York. So I’ve learned how to deal with the heat. I still go out and do my daily activities but I know that exhaustion is going to be exaggerated and I plan accordingly.

This will be my first year with my handicap van and the use of my wheelchair for all my activities so I’m curious if that will help the fatigue I usually feel in the summer. All I know is it is 9am I’m creating my blog and beads of sweat are dripping down my neck. My body is not regulating temperature well since my household temperature is only 70 degrees. Not really sweating weather. Ugh!!! I’m ready for September to come and summer to be over. Sorry to all the summer fans out there.

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