How to make sour pickles

How to make sour pickles

One of my favorite things is sour pickles. Love them!!! I can eat a jar within two days time. Except these things are getting so expensive. It can change cost $5.59 for a jar of pickles. That’s a lot of money when cucumbers aren’t very expensive.

So I googled how to make sour pickles. Who knew it was so easy. I just needed a few things. Hello amazon. Got my pickling spice.. I needed mason jars to store them in. . I have the vinegar, salt and garlic. I purchased those kirby cucumbers at the store which are the smaller cucumbers. When my box comes from amazon I’m going to make my own sour pickles. They’ll take two weeks for me to review but I’m super excited to make them. If it is good I see myself pickling other foods in my future. Yummy.

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