Not feeling well today

Not feeling well today

I sneezed all day yesterday. I sneezed so much I asked people to stop saying “bless you”. I couldn’t take hearing it anymore. I think I used a half a box of family size tissues. I felt awful by the end of the night. I finally took my pure Oregano oil and On Guard oils from Doterra and went into bed. I slept and didn’t sneeze all night. I woke up this morning stuffy and a little drippy. I took the oils again still not sneezing but let’s not jinx it.

It is tough with a weakened immune system to not get sick. I’ve been on either Rituxan or Ocrevus for the last 3+ years. I had cellulitis and had to be in a hospital for the first time in 20 years because I needed IV antibiotics. I don’t know if that was directly linked to a weakened immune system system but my guess is YES. My body couldn’t fight the infection with the oral antibiotics and I needed something stronger. However, other than that episode I’ve been relatively healthy. The worst thing has been a cold and my oils have been a huge help in defeating those. I hope I’m not jinxing myself writing this post.

When I’m not feeling great I stay in. When I’m around an unavoidable sick person, like my daughter, I take my oils to help prevent me from getting sick. If someone is sick that I can avoid, I avoid them. It is a perfect system but it’s been working. I’m scared to get a chest infection of any kind because of my weakened chest muscles not being able to produce a cough.

I’m happy to say I’m not sneezing so far but I don’t feel great. Other than a trip to the vet, I’m resting today. Some days it is just one minute at a time. ?

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