First POF date

First POF date

Ok date one complete. There was one thing that this guy did to set up the correct mind space for me which was let’s meet as friends and go from there. I can always use more friends. It was a very last minute thing to meet up. He lives in my town a few blocks away. I decided to meet him downstairs in my complex. I have security here. You can’t get in without my consent. I figured it was safe.

Anyway, it was so spur of the moment I really didn’t get fancy. I threw on a little make up and a T-shirt and shorts. I met him outside my building in my wheelchair. No guessing there about my disability. The guy was nice looking and soft spoken even a little nerdy kind of my type. That was my initial reaction. It didn’t last long. He was bold and asked me what I am able to do “sexually”. This may seem odd on a first date but being disabled I have to understand that it is a valid question for a guy wanting to possibly get involved with me. I took it as such and answered the question honestly. Then he told me he had erectile dysfunction. I personally thought SCORE!!! I think life would be easier for me without all that worry. However that’s where the date went downhill.

Instead of traditional sex which he can’t do he explained his fetishes. You know those conversations you have with strangers and you get TMI, too much information, that was this conversation. He was not only explaining his fetishes but putting me inside them. I sat there with a smile on my face saying something that were words and sentences. Yet my mind was thinking WTF, ok you could leave now. He even asked if I had privacy in my condo that we could go upstairs now. Ugh and Ewwwwwee!!!!!! Finally he said goodbye. He tried to kiss me but I got out of that.

I happily came up to my condo and my adorable dogs to try to forget the first date back into the dating world. Later he wrote me how nice it was to meet me. I said I appreciate your openness and honesty but believe we are looking for different things. Please tell me it can get better.

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  1. well,i am 68 and that dating stuff seems to be a big hastle especially with ms,but i’m 68,when you are 68 you probably think the same.i wish you the best of luck with this adventure,happy hunting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! i sorry to what a crepe this guy was to you, you do not deserve this! I also want to sy hats off to you for putting yourself out there on the dating sites. We all deserve and need to love and be loved. I have done the same online dating and shown photos of me in my chair and talked about my MS in my profile. Simply, if they can see beyond our chairs they will find beautiful people living and still loving life. Best to you! D1x –

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