MS Foundation Transportation Assistance Grant

MS Foundation Transportation Assistance Grant

I saw this and had to share it with my readers. The is the MS Foundation which is located in Florida. I’ve used them for many things from information to grants. They are a wonderful resource to people with MS.

Transportation Assistance Grant

The Transportation Assistance Grant program was established to help members of the MS community remain as independent as possible, and ensure all people with MS have the transportation necessary to get the best medical care.

The program provides funding for reasonable paratransit fees or minor auto repair. In partnership with Lyft, the program can also provide transportation to and from appointments for MS care, including neurologist visits and infusion centers, at no cost to the person with MS.

How does it work?

To qualify for the program a person must have a documented diagnosis of MS. For transportation through Lyft, the applicant must be able to enter the vehicle independently or with the help of a caregiver who will accompany them, and any mobility aids they require must fit in a standard vehicle trunk. They must also have a cellular device capable of receiving and sending text messages.

How to apply

Individuals with MS can apply for this program online at; or request an application form by emailing, or call 888-673-6287.

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