A family weekend

A family weekend

I had the best nights sleep I had in a long time. I woke up once at 1am to use the bathroom and then slept right on through until 7:22 when the bathroom called again. That is a long stretch of time for me. I needed that!!! I could still sleep more truthfully but it was time to start my day. Plus my cell phone went off and I answered it.

I normally go to the gym today but decided to put it off until tomorrow. I’m having dinner with my family tonight and I don’t want to overdo it. Sometimes I recover from the initial workout only to become completely fatigued hours later. I don’t want to ruin my evening so I will do a double workout tomorrow. I’m going on my own tonight to the restaurant so I want all my strength and attention on point. Maybe I should say as best as they could be. Tonight is a fun dinner. It is my dad, step mom, my aunt and uncle. I love it when we do this group for dinner because I love all the people at the table. Plus they are just a fun group.

My daughter comes home very early Sunday morning. It feels like she’s been away for a lot longer than 10 days. When she comes home we are having breakfast with my dad and stepmom before the head back to Florida. That makes me sad. I won’t see them again until probably January. At night I’m having dinner with my mom and stepdad whom I haven’t seen since they came home from vacation last week. Busy busy weekend for me. However it is all around my family and that always makes me happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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