I joined plenty of fish

I joined plenty of fish

I signed up again. I honestly have no idea how this will work. Do I bring my aid on a coffee date? I mean really. I am not sure what made me join again. Once again it didn’t let me at first but then I was able to under one of my other email accounts. My first line in the about me section is I am a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior. I say I’ve had the disease for 21 years. My pictures I used were

I am hoping people see this but you know they don’t.

It’s been a busy day. I’ve received a lot of messages which has been nice but I don’t move that fast. I just don’t even know if I have energy to date anyone let alone the patience. I haven’t done this now in a few years but the lines haven’t changed and men still don’t read anything. I mean don’t ask me where I’m from when you can click on my profile and it is the second line in, duh. I also hate the cheesy lines that men write like you smile made my day brighter. One guy wrote “wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow looking at your beauty i will say God really took his time creating you as an Angel.Hope i am not being rude?” I literally copied and pasted that one. I like the ones that say “hi I love dogs too how old are your French bulldogs?” Then at least I know they took the 3 seconds to look at my profile before they messaged me. I’m not on this site looking for compliments.

The idea of dating is still an issue. How do I date? Do I want to date? How do I explain all my MS symptoms on this level? This is a whole new stage to my MS and shit is hard. I write all about my embarrassing symptoms but telling someone I’m dating that’s a whole different ballgame. Like I just said to my aid let’s see if I could like anyone for more than an hour to run into those issues. At this point all I did was stick my big toe in the water to test the temperature.

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