Back in the pool

Back in the pool

I went swimming this morning for the first time in months. It isn’t that I don’t love swimming, because I do. It is difficult to shower and change and do my hair etc. It takes a lot of energy to do all those things and I deplete most of my energy in the pool. Today I knew I wasn’t doing anything other than the pool so I knew it would be a good day.

I swam 52 minutes and 58 lengths according to my Fitbit. I burned 227 calories. Not that any of that matters but I did buy a waterproof Fitbit specifically for when I’m in the pool. I do like to see the results. My goal today was to do an hour but I was tired and starting to get cold. I knew I didn’t hit my goal but I was proud of myself anyway.

I did get my hair straightened a few weeks back which helps maintaining my hair much easier. I can let it dry naturally and it dries straight. It takes away from one more thing I’d need to do after the pool and the shower. I dressed my self in comfy clothes and that’s it for me today. I’m spent but I’m glad I used my energy up in the pool being active. Now I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing with my puppies. Always my favorite pastime.

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  1. Wow, you take your swimming seriously! I have a pool at home, but don’t get in there very often. Next summer though, I’m going to try to do a lot more pool time.
    I have MS, and I have troubles sometimes, getting out of the pool, if I do too much swimming, or if I’m feeling fatigued.

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