I love my mom

I love my mom

I just hung the phone up with my mom. It’s 9:39 in the morning. She was on her way to a clients house to teach a bridge lesson with my stepdad. Whenever my mom is in her car alone going just about anywhere beyond a five minute distance she calls me to keep her company. We’ve been doing this for years.

She use to call me at work although sometimes those conversations in the morning would be cut short based on my own obligations. However we left around the same time so we’d always converse on the way home. Now that I don’t work anymore it is easier for her to not only reach me but for me to keep her company.

I couldn’t even tell you what we talk about because we talk about everything. The conversation definitely involves a lot of my grievances but we also talk a lot about my daughter and her day and my stepdad. We talk about every topic under the sun at one point or another. There is nothing we haven’t talked or argued about. We never run out of things to say.

These meaningless chitchat conversations I am so grateful for having with my mom almost everyday. As pointless as the conversation may be I know how fortunate I am having these conversations with her almost daily. It is how I became so close with her and how this relationship helped me form my own close relationship with my daughter. I just wanted to take a minute today to recognize my mom. She is my best friend and my daily, sometimes 3 times daily conversations mean so much to me because I love her. She is a great woman and a great friend but a really special mom.

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