Another uneventful day

Another uneventful day

Another grey day in NY. Not that it actually bothers me but it did help me sleep until 8:45 today. I woke up when my dogs barked and ran off when my aid came in the apartment. I don’t know if that necessarily constitutes watch dogs since they would have probably ran off and been excited by anyone who came inside. Thankfully it was just her and my day began as normal.

There isn’t much on the docket today. I worked out already and later I have my hair appointment. My evening with my mom. A very long evening but it is still nice to spend time with my mom. I also love my hairdresser immensely. She’s been doing my hair for 20 years. She is not only my hairdresser, she’s a friend. I don’t stay all night, as I use to when I lived closer to the salon, but I try to keep my mom company for most of the evening.

This afternoon I’m happily spending with my puppies. I just love them ❤️❤️. My marshmallow is next to me on the chair. My Zoey is by my aid in the kitchen praying something drops while she is cooking. Somehow Zoey always is chewing on something so I’m sure things make it to the floor and not by accident.

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