The case of the disappearing oils

The case of the disappearing oils

I have two oils that I’ve been putting on my toes for the last 8 months daily, melaleuca and oregano. This is used for the fungus that no cream was working to eliminate. It is supposed to be put on 4 times daily but there is no way I could do that so I shoot for once a day. They were looking better although far from cured. I knew it was a slow process even when it was put on 4 times daily, could still take a year, so I knew I was looking at a long battle. I kept the bottles right next to me by my chair. Then I went to my sister.

My aid asked me if I was bringing my oils to which I replied, No, my sister has all the oils I don’t need to bring them. She started me on the oils and has a bigger selection than me. I knew she had both of them so no need to bring them. Not that I used them the week I was there, but that’s a different story. So I come home and my oils aren’t there. Hmmm. The other one I keep there is but those two aren’t.

Where’s melaleuca and oregano? We looked under the couch and the chair thinking maybe they fell, they do roll on their sides, but nothing. We looked in my pocketbook and the luggage thinking maybe I did decide to bring them, nothing. We looked in the bathroom draws and medicine cabinets, kitchen draws, even in kitchen cabinets, nothing. The oils were nowhere. So bizarre. These are rollerballs so it can only be used on skin. I have both in the full oil but it is a waste like that too use on the toes. That is why I purchased the rollerballs because it applies easier. Yet these two have just disappeared. Can’t explain it.

I know somehow I must’ve grabbed both of them to use and put them someplace. Either that or it was my aid using them for me took them with her someplace and put them down. Eventually I’m sure we will come across them but for now they just vanished into thin air. So strange. Thankfully I placed a new order for my doTERRA oils in the next week and I will replace them. It’s just one of those things that as you walk you’re kind of looking for them on every surface because you can’t understand where they could’ve gone.

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