How time flies

How time flies

I have an eye exam scheduled for Tuesday. My eyes have not been good. Things I’m reading are not clear and I find myself blinking a bunch of times to focus. Even with my eye glasses that are bifocals, I find they aren’t helping enough anymore. Last year my eyes had a slight change this year I feel that it is a major change. I might need to not only change my eye glasses but my sunglasses too. Got away with not doing both last year. This is going to be costly. Medicare doesn’t provide for eyeglasses. Not looking forward to this. At least I can’t blame this on multiple sclerosis. This is just the sad fact of getting older.

A friend of mine turned 50 this week. 50!!! I’ve known him since before he drove a car. We’d walk the streets on a Friday night in a huge group doing things that kids do for fun and now he’s 50. WTF!!! How did this happen. I went to college with him too and remember so vividly some of our rides home like they were last week and they were 28 years ago. Geez. I’ve known this guy since I was probably 14 years old. In love with his twin brother for my entire high school years. Yet it was him that I somehow stayed in contact with through the years, even if it was only a happy birthday text once a year. I think it was because we went to college together. I was able to see him without the shadow of his twin. We had different friends in college but we still hung out and checked in with each other. We just created a different bond outside our group of high school friends. I think I was one of the few girls that actually knew him.

Sounds silly and maybe I’m being sentimental but his birthday just got me thinking about all the old times. They are the old times now. It really does go fast. I remember throwing my mother’s 50th birthday party and now my friends are turning 50. It is a little surreal. My daughter turns 21 soon. It seems to speed up the older you get. My eyes are the least of my concerns as I get older. I want to slow things down a little instead.

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