A choice to exercise

A choice to exercise

Happy Monday. My aid just told me I look tired. I’m always tired. I can sleep for 24 hours and I’d still wake up tired. I just did my little cardio workout but i was tired.

It doesn’t ever matter, I’ve just learned to push through the feeling as I have always done.

I bought a treadmill way back when I was still married living in my house. It was used for a total of a month tops before it became another closet to throw clothes over. It sat there collecting dust until we finally got rid of it. Then i once again decided to workout and bought an elliptical. Another item that was used a month before once again becoming a closet. That item was sold for money when the house was sold during my divorce.

Then I made a decision to change my habits and I was going to go on a diet and exercise for myself. I once again bought an elliptical with a promise to myself it would NEVER be used as a closet. I kept that promise. I was working still but I got on that elliptical 5 days a week. I’d wake up everyday and put on my sports bra before I even thought about being tired. I sometimes even closed my eyes while I powered through a program. Being tired and having multiple sclerosis was never allowed to be an excuse.

My workout routine has changed through the years and I no longer own that elliptical. However no matter how bad my MS is or what level my disability is, being tired is not an excuse to not exercise. I have pushed myself to limits of exhaustion because I refuse to give in to my disability. Unfortunately I can’t workout as hard as I once did but that doesn’t stop me. I make a choice each day to get out of bed and push myself. That is my choice and fight against multiple sclerosis.

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