Achoo-ing through the night

Achoo-ing through the night

The other bight I was kept awake sneezing my head off. I’ve used a million tissues. I woke up and immediately start my regiment of consuming pure oregano oil in water and by mid morning the sneezing stopped. I had a sneeze here or there but nothing like the evening. Then I went to bed last night and the sneezing began again. I once again was up most of the night. Between the sneezing and blowing my nose, there wasn’t time for deep sleep. Sounds like allergies, but it’s my bed. Same bed I’ve been sleeping on for over 5 years. Same pillows, blankets and sheets that have either been cleaned and put back on the bed or have been on the bed already. What could I suddenly be allergic too?

I’m exhausted, I hate it when I can’t sleep well. When I first got into bed yesterday I was so hot. I woke up only a few hours later, freezing. I put on a sweatshirt and buried myself in the blanket but I couldn’t get rid of my chill easily. When I finally did fall back asleep it was once again only a few hours later and that’s when the sneezing started. It was around 3am, similar to the evening before. From there my sleep was very sporadic and far from restful. I gave up by 8 and got myself out of bed.

It is 45 minutes later, one glass of oregano oil consumed, I haven’t sneezed but I’m still blowing my nose. I’ve put on the humidifier next to me because I feel the drip in my chest. I’m trying to prevent any type of cough which is very difficult for me to produce. Ugh!!!! So annoying. Does this shit ever end? I’m finally back to myself from fatigue. Makes you want to scream sometimes.

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  1. I’m assuming you don’t do your own laundry. Is it possible your caregiver has changed the detergent she’s using for your sheets? On the other hand, feeling hot and then cold suggests a fever. Did you take your temp?

    Hope you get over this quickly.


    1. No change in detergent. My washer/dryer is in my condo and I buy my own groceries and cleaning supplies. I know it totally seems like allergies but I can’t figure out to what. Nothing is new in my room that I could think of. I’m at a loss too.
      Lol I can’t check if I have a fever because my little Zoey ate the thermometer but I don’t think I had any type of fever. Weird stuff. Haven’t sneezed this morning yet I’m stuffy

  2. I have always had cats sometimes as many as five because I live on a farm and why not. I suddenly because allergic to cats a couple years ago. It makes no sense I’m almost sixty and my earliest memories are my cats. But somehow it could be going through menopause or my MS meds or… Its a issue for me. Our Bodies are a constant puzzle.

    1. I had cats too and I was allergic. I lived stuffed up because I loved my cats.
      So bizarre. Last night I got into bed sneezed once and haven’t sneezed since. So strange

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