Not liking physical therapy

Not liking physical therapy

So after a second day of consuming a regiment of oregano oil and using Doterra Breathe, I got into bed sneezed once and never sneezed again. Achoo-ing through the night. Woke up fine. So strange!!!! I’m doing much better with the Provigil. I’m so happy to report. I am no longer waking up exhausted as if I never slept. That has been such a huge difference that I’ve been able to get back to my life. I have still been going to bed really early but that’s ok, at least I’ve got up and did things. Tomorrow is my first day back in therapy which I’m not looking forward too.

I’m wrestling with physical therapy. I hate it. It’s hard and it exhausts me. I don’t mind occupational therapy as much. It is hard in a different way. It focuses on the fine motor skills mostly in my hands. It can be very frustrating and I get tired but not in a full body fatigue like physical therapy. Part of my issue in physical therapy is the new therapist I have. She just doesn’t know me. I’ve been going to therapy for 4 years now, everyone knows me, but she’s new. My physical therapist is not seeing patients yet, he’s been out on medical leave. He is only back administratively. The other problem is the girl that worked with him, and with me most of the time, left for another job. I was left a lot waiting for the next exercise to do and I didn’t like that. I like to get it done and over.

I’ve done physical therapy for years. Is it helping? I’m a lot worse from where I was when I started. Then I get the statement well maybe you’d be even worse off if you weren’t in therapy all this time. I certainly couldn’t say if I would or wouldn’t. I just know I exercise anyway so it’s not like I wouldn’t be moving if I was home. This is why I decided this time to do both therapies on the same day. Normally I would never because I know it will exhaust me. I figured I’m already there might as well go to physical therapy too. I just don’t like it. It is too hard now. My legs can’t do what they once were able to do.

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