And the daughter reluctantly returns

And the daughter reluctantly returns

My daughter is home. She came home yesterday evening. The puppies were so excited to see her. She hasn’t been been home in a few months. This was the longest stretch of time she hasn’t come home. This is what happens when there is no longer a boyfriend at home she is with. For all the times she told me she was coming home because she missed me, this proves it was always him. Lol, I actually never cared. I just liked to tease her. She is very easy to do that to.

For me, it was a little strange, to be honest. I couldn’t even hug or kiss her hello. I also felt the tension between us that has been there and building throughout the last few months. We haven’t seen things eye to eye. I give her my honest opinion and she really doesn’t want my input. I’ve been dismissed in many of our conversations. It has been frustrating and aggravating for me. I’m not use to that with my daughter. We’ve always have been super close. It is usually me she turned to with every problem she faced. Now I’m in the background watching her do things I don’t agree with and she doesn’t want to hear it from me.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. She’s 20 and she is single for the first time in 5 years. She is having fun and being a little reckless. I was there, been there, done that. My mom and step dad would tell you I disappeared when I went to college. They also thought I was an alcoholic. I had a great time. It was freedom for me and a whole new world then high school. My daughter came late to the party. What I started as a Freshman and started winding down as I headed into my Senior year, she has first started her second half of Junior year. Then the coronavirus comes and everything stops. The party is over and she’s forced to come home. She wasn’t ready to be home. I get it. I really do. Yet it is still hard as a parent to not put in your two cents because the last thing I want is for her to be hurt, sick or in trouble. I’m still trying to protect my little girl and she is pushing back against my protection.

It is one of those mother/daughter things that will pass eventually. My mom says they all come back. I’m just not use to the attitude and I’m trying very hard to not fight. I need to remember what it’s like to be her. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop with my thoughts and opinions. Nor am I going to tell her what she wants to hear as opposed to the truth. I am still her mom. I will try to ease up because I don’t want her to be home and not be a little happy to be here. If that doesn’t work I’ll just send Zoey her way, she is definitely partial to her ❤️❤️

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