A week after Rituxan

A week after Rituxan

I went through my blog posts because I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve done Rituxan. I made the switch from Ocrevus back to Rituxan for the March 2019 infusion. This is my 3rd time. I was on Rituxan at an earlier time but was forced to change when Ocrevus came out. My insurance company, at the time, would not authorize Rituxan because it was not approved for multiple sclerosis. I than changed insurance companies once again and asked to be changed back. https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/03/11/infusion-coming-up-the-switch-from-ocrevus-to-rituxan/. So here I am one week later after my 3rd infusion and I’ll list what’s going on…..

  • I had two teeny tiny blisters form under my breast that opened. I had many other small bumps that looked like a rash. As of yesterday morning I had a line of them across both breast that seemed to follow my bra line. My neurologist put me on antibiotics like I had last time when I had the skin issues with the infusion. https://multipleexperiences.org/2019/11/13/more-skin-issues-after-rituxan/. This time is definitely better but we took no chances.
  • The other day I woke up and my right leg has felt like something is cutting off the circulation from the calf down. I have very little feeling in my leg on a good day but this is very uncomfortable. I thought my foot was swollen because I do have edema but it really wasn’t bad. I take a water pill which I’ve been able take all week since I’ve been stuck at home. It is a very uneasy feeling.
  • The extreme tiredness has left and I’m once again able to stay up past 8.
  • I had a bad migraine I couldn’t break. I finally took my migraine pills and that helped.
  • I can’t control my body temperature. I can go from sweating to bundle in a sweatshirt. I have no fever it’s just the meds.
  • I’m peeing every two hours. I know I’ve been taking my water pill but even on the one or two days didn’t I’m still peeing frequently. I know it sounds like a UTI and it’s crossed my mind too it just doesn’t hurt at all. However I’m on antibiotics anyway that would work for a UTI if it was one.

Other than that I’m still in closed quarters hibernating from the world. Trying to stay as safe as I can. Hope everyone is doing the same

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