It’s a king size bed

It’s a king size bed

I have only one thing to say this morning

Move over!!!

I this is my bed I sleep next to the bar on my back. I don’t toss and turn. I only move my head from one side to the other. My biggest no movement is tossing the blankets aside to get out of bed for the bathroom. Then I pull them right back. I take up very little space.

My Zoey and Marshmallow sleep with me every night. Every night it is the same routine.

See those two lumps? That’s Marshmallow at my legs and Zoey on my chest. See all that space beyond the lumps? That’s the 3/4 of my bed that no one is on. Every night that have to start attached to me. Through the night they both move around. I wake up and the blanket is disheveled from Marshy going in and out of the blanket. it looks like someone slept in the bed with me.

Who am I kidding, wouldn’t change it for the world. Just shows I have room on the bed for more dogs. Kidding, for now.

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