A New World

A New World

It is hard to have things to talk about these days other than being in isolation against the coronavirus. I live on Long Island which is in New York State. In my county, which is about half of the Island, there are over 6,000 cases. In my town 112 cases. https://www.nassaucountyny.gov/DocumentCenter/View/28946/POSITIVES-BY-PLACE-3-28-PM. This sh@t is real and it isn’t slowing down. Parents are home schooling children. People aren’t working or getting paid. It isn’t just the virus that worries me. It is what comes next in human nature that worries me.

It is the stories of the people who ran to the gun stores in the beginning of the outbreak https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/03/17/new-yorkers-flock-to-gun-stores-amid-coronavirus-outbreak/amp/. The stores were sold out of inventory long before the governor ask for non-essential businesses to close. In NYS you can by a rifle or shotguns with a FBI background check in the store. Handguns require a much more detailed license and takes time.

The majority of recent buyers have been first-time gun purchasers concerned about protecting themselves and their families if the economy continues to worsen and fuels a growing sense of desperation, the store owners said. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsday.com/amp/news/health/gun-stores-coronavirus-1.43259210

Human nature. Fear!!! People now are armed with weapons that many have never used. That is a chilling thought. Yet it is still only one part of the worry.

The hospitals are full. The staff is overworked. The coronavirus is still spreading. This doesn’t even include people who are hospitalized for reasons not related to the virus. Eventually our resources will be too thin and then what? Is a decision made who lives and who dies? Does grandma at 86 with a slightly less chance not get the care because the 50 year old next to her has a better chance? Or is it not the 50 year old because it’s the 20 year old? Who decides who lives and who dies? Will there even be anyone there to have a say? Isn’t that what Italy was faced with? We are America!!! We can’t do that, right? At some point, if it gets that bad, human nature of survival it will. That scares me as much as the guns and the virus. This is certainly a new world.

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