Formula 1, my new obsession

Formula 1, my new obsession

I stumbled upon the documentary Drive to Survive on Netflix. I think I watched the first season in a day. I was completely enthralled. I loved every second of it. Where has this been all my life? I didn’t even want to start the second season because I knew it would end. I immediately googled formula One to see when the season started. This season has been postponed because of the coronavirus. I don’t mean to sound horrible here, but this was the only good news I’ve ever heard with this virus. I’ll be able to see the 2020 races, eventually.

I watch the second season almost as fast as the first but I wanted more. I watched a few movies, a couple other documentaries and then I found F1 TV. The best $26.99 i spent in a long time. Plus, that’s for the year!!! Now I can go back and watch all the races, older races even with some of the greats. I can watch tons of documentaries and learn more about the drivers. I might be late to the starting line but I’m gonna catch up pretty soon on what’s going on, who is who and how they got there.

F1 tv had two subscriptions options. The basic difference was the live races. My fire stick and get me live races so I wasn’t too concerned.  I am having the best time. I’ve watched NASCAR before and I can’t say I’ve ever been as enthused as I am with Formula 1. Maybe it’s because there’s so few drivers. Possibly it is because their course is so much more intense. Maybe it’s just because every single driver is good looking and they all have amazing accents. Whatever the reason is I have stuff to be busy with watching for months and I’m thrilled.

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