When will this be over

When will this be over

A sobering thought to the crisis going on in our world. Listening to the governor of New York State yesterday he said it very well, we don’t know. We won’t be waking up to newspapers announcement that the coromavirus has ended. We won’t see people coming out of their homes and hugging each other on the streets. We won’t have pictures memorializing this day in history when the virus ended.

Picture from https://www.headforpoints.com/2019/06/09/may-bank-holiday-in-2020-has-been-moved/

This virus ends in stages. A vaccination is still 12-18 months away. We need more testing and a way to treat the virus without the risk of death. We have a total number of almost 2 million confirmed cases worldwide with deaths that exceed over 120,000. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html That is a tremendous amount of lives lost and we are far from an end point.

This isn’t the time to become relaxed in keeping up with the cautious action that has been put in place. It is easy to become comfortable in the “new” way. I’m guilty myself. I’ve been letting my daughter get closer and closer as our isolation continues. However, she’s been out in stores and around others. I’ve let down my own guard slightly. I took my dogs for a walk and got out of my condo for the second time since the start of this. I wore no mask or gloves. I was in my wheelchair holding my dogs leash. Yet that leash was touched by my daughter and my stepdad as well. Again a little to lax with those wiping procedures. The reason that we are finally seeing some sort of plateau in the coronavirus numbers is because we are following the rules. It isn’t the time to be dumb and let your guard down.

This ends when we continue to follow the rules and our government figures out how to reopen our country and keep us safe. The numbers are truly staggering but the number of people who haven’t been infected AT ALL and could still be at risk is a lot higher. As governor Cuomo says keep the course.

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