Working out with MS disability and weakness

Working out with MS disability and weakness

Good morning. I just finished my LesMills workout. I’ve been doing Sh’bam on there which is cardio dancing stuff. It’s fun but I wish I could be doing some of their other workouts like Grit or Pump but my body’s weakness doesn’t allow for that anymore. I have to revise all workouts I do to a chair. Then I have a problem holding weights. I’ve purchased hand weights that I wear like gloves and use them for all my workouts. I have them in 2 and 3lb. They make a huge difference in my workouts. However I can’t lift my hands over my head. I can’t do a proper shoulder press anymore. My left arm can’t do many arm exercises with the correct form especially triceps. Makes the idea of doing a program involving weights and barbells difficult.

I have significantly reduced my workout items that I have at home but I still have a range of stuff. I miss doing P90X and feeling my muscles sore the next day. I do what I can within the limits I can do them. I certainly can easily drop a weight so safety has to come first regardless of my willingness to push harder. Therefore I use the gloves and weight bands. I do exercises I can modify and still maintain form. Unfortunately right now that seems to only be some type of cardio and weight lifting is out. It’s frustrating and I’m constantly looking for programs I can modify to work for me. I’m still searching…

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